L'entreprise O'Guste

The frozen meat specialist

O’GUSTE puts all of its butchery expertise at the service of its clients.

O’GUSTE offers multispecies meat-based products which are prepared, cooked or raw for a varied professional client base: out-of-home dining (commercial and institutional catering), distributors, exports to France’s Overseas Departments and Territories, the food-processing Industry and provisions of services. With an offer spread across three ranges, O’GUSTE adapts itself to meet market requirements as closely as possible:

LES VÉRITABLES D’O’GUSTE which brings together the brand’s key products,

LA SÉLECTION D’O’GUSTE which brings together exactness and expertise with meats which have been rigorously selected

LES TENDANCES D’O’GUSTE which offer a themed range that changes according to the seasons.

As a dependable industrial partner, O’GUSTE also comes up with custom solutions which are drawn up in close collaboration with its clients.

O’GUSTE is also the symbol a human project. In an exacting branch of industry, O’GUSTE innovates and shakes up the sector’s traditional methods. O’GUSTE thrusts Man into the heart of the company that advocates values of respect, involvement, trust and attentiveness. This global business project is what enables O’GUSTE to be a reliable and responsive partner to this day.

The company has been established in Mortagne-sur-Sevre, in Vendee since 1974. On its only production site, a hundred people work daily to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

Nos savoir-faire

Capable de s’adapter à toutes les demandes de ses clients de manière réactive, O’Guste propose des produits surgelés multi-espèces.

Nos services

Partenaire industriel sur qui on peut compter, O’Guste crée des solutions sur-mesure en étroite collaboration avec ses clients.

Nos engagements

Il est primordial pour une entreprise comme O’Guste de s’améliorer constamment, d’être réactif mais surtout de faire notre maximum pour satisfaire nos clients.

Nos actualités

Vestey Foods Production devient O’Guste.

Nous contacter +33 (0)2 51 65 11 07

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