Les services d'O'Guste

Beyond its products, O’GUSTE provides many services to help you expand your business by adding value to your offer.

– O’GUSTE works with its clients on matters such as customising products and developing new recipes.

– O’GUSTE develops products that are easy to re-implement: packaging, directions for use….

– We take into account recommendations issued by the Market Catering & Nutrition Study Group (French GEMRCN) when creating new products.

– We have a team fully dedicated to expediting your export-related administrative and logistic procedures (calculating the volume of your shipping container, provisions from various suppliers to fill out shipping containers, the various INCOTERMS that are available…).

– We take into account shelf space to package our products. We highlight fixed weight vs. variable weight.

O’GUSTE favours IQF products to expedite the work of industrialists.

Products which are compatible with commercial catering.

O’Guste supplies all segments of the commercial catering industry: traditional restaurants, restaurant chains, fast food restaurants… Because its cuts, offal and prepared beef, veal, pork, lamb and mutton are frozen, they offer numerous advantages: the quality of all our products is preserved, the competitiveness and stability of prices is ensured on local and exotic breeds such as New Zealand lamb, while we are able to cut back on food waste and enjoy easier stock management. Commercial catering clients will especially enjoy the LES TENDANCES D’O’GUSTE and O’GUSTE Cravings ranges.

Nos savoir-faire

Capable de s’adapter à toutes les demandes de ses clients de manière réactive, O’Guste propose des produits surgelés multi-espèces.

Nos services

Partenaire industriel sur qui on peut compter, O’Guste crée des solutions sur-mesure en étroite collaboration avec ses clients.

Nos engagements

Il est primordial pour une entreprise comme O’Guste de s’améliorer constamment, d’être réactif mais surtout de faire notre maximum pour satisfaire nos clients.

Nos actualités

Vestey Foods Production devient O’Guste.

Nous contacter +33 (0)2 51 65 11 07

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