December 2018

O'Guste will be present on Sirha in Lyon.

Meet us stand 2.2F104 !

 Meet us on Sirha

December 2018

VESTEY FOODS and the GROUPE ALLIANCE announce the conclusion, on 11/12/2018, of an agreement of sale and acquisition of the company O’GUSTE. This agreement concluded in a constructive spirit, in the interest of the development of O’GUSTE, and with the greatest respect for his collaborators. Alexandre ANDRIES, General Manager of O’GUSTE, and his teams remain in place. This transaction will enable intra-group synergies to be developed both in terms of purchases, production and sales thanks to the complementarity of customers, distribution networks, products and the geographic footprint of GROUPE ALLIANCE subsidiaries and O’GUSTE. O'GUSTE’s teams are proud to rejoin the GROUPE ALLIANCE. They would like to take this opportunity to thank George VESTEY and VESTEY FOODS for their support during these 15 years.

SA Groupe Alliance, nouvel actionnaire d'O'Guste
Visite O'Guste office du tourisme du Pays de MortagneOctober 2018

We were pleased to receive inhabitants from Mortagne-sur-Sèvre and areas, to make them discover our company on Tuesday, 23rd October 2018. O’Guste has been part of the event “Visit our companies” hosted by Mortagne’s tourism office. During this tour, visitors discovered our products, our manufacturing process and the project of our company. They also found out our system of traceability and our food security when they visited the entire factory. This exchange has been very rewarding for O’Guste teams as well as for our visitors that were delighted to learn more about O’Guste company

September 2017

On the 23th September 2017, an open day was held for all employees and their families. More than 220 peoples attended this social event. The programme for a day included visits of the factory and of offices as well as tasting products during a cocktail reception.

journée portes ouvertes management participation viande surgelée RHD

Nos savoir-faire

Capable de s’adapter à toutes les demandes de ses clients de manière réactive, O’Guste propose des produits surgelés multi-espèces.

Nos services

Partenaire industriel sur qui on peut compter, O’Guste crée des solutions sur-mesure en étroite collaboration avec ses clients.

Nos engagements

Il est primordial pour une entreprise comme O’Guste de s’améliorer constamment, d’être réactif mais surtout de faire notre maximum pour satisfaire nos clients.

Nos actualités

Vestey Foods Production devient O’Guste.

Nous contacter +33 (0)2 51 65 11 07

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