Le savoir-faire d'O'Guste

Fully able to adapt itself to all of its clients’ requests in a responsive manner, O’GUSTE provides a comprehensive range of frozen raw products, frozen prepared raw products and frozen cooked products from a variety of meats and offal of beef, veal, pork, lamb and mutton offal. O’GUSTE also provides tailor-designed services and creates bespoke products in close collaboration with its clients.

The concept of bespoke products concerns both the company’s products and services. O’GUSTE can for example adapt: 

  • The raw materials. Based on our clients’ requirements and in order to ensure an irreproachable quality and traceability, we source the best solution from our approved slaughterhouses. O’GUSTE thus offers flexibility and responsiveness to guarantee for example an origin or breed a client wishes to have.
  • The processing of the meat cuts thanks to our butchers’ skills and expertise.
  • Recipes that meet your needs.
  • The packaging (IQF, vacuum bag, layer, bulk…).
  • The labelling (customization options are available).
  • A range of palletizing options.
  • The transport.


The meat expertise originates from a company-wide project focussing on internal collaboration between our different departments and close links with our clients.


This expertise would never exist without the help of our employees and production tool, based in Mortagne-sur-Sèvre in the Vendée department. All our departments work together to offer you a wide product range or to define with you bespoke specifications. Our production units comprise about ninety people who vow to satisfy customer needs on a daily basis.

Nos savoir-faire

Capable de s’adapter à toutes les demandes de ses clients de manière réactive, O’Guste propose des produits surgelés multi-espèces.

Nos services

Partenaire industriel sur qui on peut compter, O’Guste crée des solutions sur-mesure en étroite collaboration avec ses clients.

Nos engagements

Il est primordial pour une entreprise comme O’Guste de s’améliorer constamment, d’être réactif mais surtout de faire notre maximum pour satisfaire nos clients.

Nos actualités

Vestey Foods Production devient O’Guste.

Nous contacter +33 (0)2 51 65 11 07

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