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O’GUSTE is a company which commits itself. It is essential for a company such as ours to constantly improve itself, to prove responsive but first and foremost do our utmost to satisfy our clients.

Commitment N°1: Food quality and safety for all our clients

All our process and our production unit are IFS (International Food Standard) certified attesting of a high level of control of food quality and safety. O’GUSTE guarantee of food quality and safety is based upon various procedures and controls, the audit of our suppliers and company-specific control plans on raw materials and finished products. Our control plans include for example microbiological and chemical analysis and we also conduct random checks on the authenticity of our products by means of DNA tests conducted on our raw materials. All our analysis are conducted by an external accredited laboratory – COFRAC – which is entirely neutral and objective. We have also set up various techniques and processes concerning our equipment and our human resources such as training to good hygiene practices. O’GUSTE commits itself to produce which are safe and conform to customers’ expectations.

Commitment N°2: Offer tailored solutions and support to the development of its customers on their markets, by committing itself, today and tomorrow

In order to ensure our clients’ economic development and their satisfaction, we work around three lines of approach.
1. To optimise production costs and to offer safe products at an attractive price.
2. To offer new products and improve the existing ones. We innovate in particular through our three product ranges.
3. To be fully acquainted with our client base to come up with products which meet their expectations as well as anticipate market developments.

Commitment N°3: A dynamic management putting the Man at the Heart of the company and answering to the needs of its collaborators

O’Guste advocates values of respect, attentiveness, rigour, involvement and trust between individuals. All of our co-workers are given responsibilities, and are associated with and involved in all of the major decision processes of their company on a daily basis.

Commitment N°4: Incorporating sustainable development within our activity

Because sustainable development is part of our identity, we have set up a great number of initiatives to help protect the environment:
– Reducing packaging waste,
– Recycling waste,

– Reducing water consumption and managing wastewater,
– Recovering the heat our compressors generate.

Nos savoir-faire

Capable de s’adapter à toutes les demandes de ses clients de manière réactive, O’Guste propose des produits surgelés multi-espèces.

Nos services

Partenaire industriel sur qui on peut compter, O’Guste crée des solutions sur-mesure en étroite collaboration avec ses clients.

Nos engagements

Il est primordial pour une entreprise comme O’Guste de s’améliorer constamment, d’être réactif mais surtout de faire notre maximum pour satisfaire nos clients.

Nos actualités

Vestey Foods Production devient O’Guste.

Nous contacter +33 (0)2 51 65 11 07

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