SA Groupe Alliance, nouvel actionnaire d'O'Guste

Groupe Alliance, new shareholder of O’Guste

VESTEY FOODS and the GROUPE ALLIANCE announce the conclusion, on 11/12/2018, of an agreement of sale and acquisition of the company O’GUSTE.

This agreement concluded in a constructive spirit, in the interest of the development of O’GUSTE, and with the greatest respect for his collaborators. Alexandre ANDRIES, General Manager of O’GUSTE, and his teams remain in place.

This transaction will enable intra-group synergies to be developed both in terms of purchases, production and sales thanks to the complementarity of customers, distribution networks, products and the geographic footprint of GROUPE ALLIANCE subsidiaries and O’GUSTE.

O’GUSTE’s teams are proud to rejoin the GROUPE ALLIANCE. They would like to take this opportunity to thank George VESTEY and VESTEY FOODS for their support during these 15 years.